Who is Plug?

From the heart of Durham “Bull City” North Carolina, hails Plug. A female MC with a little something special that can only be described as a different kind of flow.   Plug (Born Alyssa J. Tatum) is a spitter that you will come to know & love. From her lyrical rhymes to her raw formed [...]

Who is D4C?

Get to Know Australia's most well known Gospel Rapper, D4C. D4C doesn’t follow. he was born to lead; to stand out and be different. A self-described misfit, D4C finds his place going against the grain which he speaks about it in the lyrics of his song 'Misfit'. "Forget being a product of my environment, see, [...]

Who is A.B?

Austin “A.B” Burton was born in 1993 in a city named Kilgore. Growing up, he struggled with self-worth and self-esteem. His biological father left his mother 3 weeks before his birth. His mother met a man when he was 6 months old, and that man would turn into the father figure that he would need [...]

Who is Marqus Anthony?

Marqus Anthony is a Minister, Rapper and Actor from Detroit, MI. He is also the founder and President of 'Blessed on Purpose LLC' and the Chief of Staff of 'The Edge Christian Light Club'. His music garnered attention quickly and his debut single "Problems", appeared on "The Edge Compilation CD". The hit single, "Take Off" was [...]

Who is ChXsen?

Independent artist Erick Cea aka 'ChXsen', was born and raised in Los Angeles CA in a Christian household. His family relocated to Portland, Oregon in 2000. After growing up and witnessing the flaws and issues of the church not walking out what they preach about, he walked away from the ways of the Lord at [...]

Who is Zion Music?

Nigerian born but hailing from Manchester; up and coming artist Zion, (Kunmi Ogunsola ) is a singer/ songwriter, musician and choir director whose approach to music has already positioned him as ‘one to watch’ amongst Christian music industry players. Zion’s musical journey started back in 2008 as part of his church worship team as a [...]