Be a better you!

[To have Faith in Christ] means, of course, trying to do all that He says. There would be no sense in saying you trusted a person if you would not take his advice. Thus if you have really handed yourself over to Him, it must follow that you are trying to obey Him. But trying in a new way, a less worried way. Not doing these things in order to be saved, but because He has begun to save you already. Not hoping to get to Heaven as a reward for your actions, but inevitably wanting to act in a certain way because a first faint gleam of Heaven is already inside you. – C.S Lewis

This quote from C.S Lewis is scriptural based wisdom that we can draw from. We all know from personal experience how much pressure we put on ourselves to do better, to behave better, to talk and speak better of others, to love God more than we do, but sometimes we can lose sight of what the real goal is. The goal is to be obedient to Christ, put down our flesh and give ourselves to the Spirit of God. That, in everyday practice, is harder than it seems. We can all give ourselves to God – say we give our lives to him, but then fall back into the prospect of who we were and not who we are in him

Our prayer today is that you can be encouraged by this quote from C.S Lewis and draw from it some wisdom that will help you see that a relationship with God isn’t dependent on what you do to be saved, because you are already saved, it’s a relationship about consciously changing your behaviour and your thinking to be in line with his.

Romans 8:5 (ERV) 

People who live following their sinful selves think only about what they want. But those who live following the Spirit are thinking about what the Spirit wants them to do.

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