THINK BIGGER is an alternative media platform, publishing and promoting artists who promote Jesus Christ.

Ultimately we are about Thinking Bigger but, if narrowing down that statement is a must, our focus is on these three things;

  • Producing and publishing original material that glorifies God.
  • Educating and challenging people on their views – Church, society and the world.
  • Whilst helping shape the way that Jesus is perceived within mainstream media.

Think Bigger was first established in September, 2016 and since that time has quickly started taking ground within Christian & Gospel Music. Driven by the frustration of how Jesus is improperly portrayed in mainstream media, we have set out to make Jesus relevant again. With a deep love for music and Jesus, our desire is to create an alternative platform for Christians to promote themselves and God.

The logo and it’s colours, the website and the aesthetics of Think Bigger itself, are intentional – it doesn’t shout ‘Jesus’ for a reason! When Jesus was ministering to drug dealers, murders, prostitutes and many others, he was clearly relatable, otherwise the majority would have completely dismissed him – we desire to be the same!

What will come of our efforts? and What are our goals for the platform? Truthfully, we don’t want to know! We have given Think Bigger to God and He will do what ever He pleases. If we dominate popular culture, change how Jesus is perceived in the mainstream media and get people ‘THINKING BIGGER’, then Praise God! If we don’t and we only make a small dent in what is to come, then Praise God!

Most of all; Challenge yourselves, challenge others and THINK BIGGER.