A United Empire!

If this is your first introduction to ‘A United Empire’, I’m glad to say, you will be delighted to hear this blend of hearts, voices and musical sounds.

The instrumental keeps a suspense that holds the song together, with anticipation…

Cerose starts off the cypher, with his trademark ad-lib,

“Are You Listening?”

This is something to hold a firm meditation to, as this will be a note of anything Cerose does.

‘Tell the legions we are ready fam, holy spirit filled belly gang”

..before he continues to speak of matters which some will shun and dismiss with aggression.

Mane continues the momentum with a switch which seems to translate to a grime flow, jogging over the instrumental like a big band parade drummer. He doesn’t relent as he speaks of his crew and what they’re about,

“I’m spitting that fire from my mouth, like a witness. You don’t have to test if I’m in the faith, like a litmus”

..as he reps his crew, the song goes on which smoothly leads into Skye’s verse.

This back to back type collab hasn’t been done in CHH in the UK in a long time and is delightful to hear.

Skye sits on the beat like a metronome as he comes in talks about the Christian identity and armour. He talks of speaking in tounges & evangelism;

“We take to the streets, break chains, set the captives free”.

A United Empire A United Empire

If you’ve got the mixtape; ‘The Cross & The Switchblade’, you would be aware of Reblah’s style too.

“Got the buckle of belt, rescue the youth, Holy Spirit proof. Holy Spirit inna’ me, I can take on troops”.

Reblah isn’t shy to speak of any and all as he addresses homosexuals to repent.

Dwayne Truymf truly makes his return as he raps with his trademark scatting vocals, which reminds me of his song ‘777’ on the album ‘Mark Of Peace’.

He blazes through his verse as he interpolates Biggie Smalls cadence, saying;

“Finally, on your feet, got to stay ready with the gospel of peace, watch the wars in the Middle East.”

We are sure there were many trials and hindrances to this songs’ release, but it’s out now on Mixtape Madness – the video was banned from mainstream media!!

Be sure to support it!

A United Empire.



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